Our Storytellers

Kim Weitkamp

Kim carved out her role as the class comedian at a young age; writing plays and skits and sharing stories that exasperated her parents while thrilling her high school theater teacher.  The results of these influences show up in her work time and time again.  As a humorist, storyteller, singer and songwriter, Kim has taken home an armload of awards and recognitions.  Her material is played regularly on NPR affiliated stations and Sirius XM Radio.  She has received the Blue Ridge Excellence in Arts Award; the  Toastmasters International   Leadership Communication Award and 7  Storytelling World Awards.

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Rev. Robert Jones, Sr.

Robert is an award winning multi-instrumentalist accomplished at guitar, harmonica, mandolin, banjo and fiddle. He has entertained audiences for more than 30 years.  At the heart of his message is the belief that our cultural diversity tells a story that should be celebrated, not just tolerated. As a Baptist pastor he has an unwavering faith of the cultural importance of sacred and traditional American roots music.  His deep love for African American and American traditional music is shared in performances that interweave timeless stories with original and traditional songs.

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Donald Davis

Donald’s long career as a storyteller and his promotion of the cultural importance of storytelling through seminars and master classes has led him to be dubbed the “dean of storytelling”.  He has recorded over 25 storytelling albums and written numerous books and produced tapes on the subject. He has been a featured teller at the Smithsonian Institution, World’s Fair and throughout the world and has been a guest host of NPR’s Good Evening. 
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Tim Tingle

Tim Tingle is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and an award winning storyteller and author of 20 books. In 1993 he retraced the Trail of Tears to Choctaw homelands in Mississippi and began recording stories of tribal elders. Two of his books have won the 2014 and 2016 American Indian Youth Literature Awards and one was an Editor’s Choice in the New York Times Book Review. “Walking the Choctaw Road” was selected Book of the Year in Oklahoma and Alaska.  He has completed 8 speaking tours for the Department of Defense performing for military families.
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